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I am a recent Master's graduate from San Francisco State University. My thesis research focuses on new technology for hydrogeologic models of groundwater systems using GIS. I am a self-motivated and resourceful GIS Specialist with a passion for the environmental field. I am enthusiastic about GIS solutions and creative integrated problem-solving.

I received my undergraduate degree in Geography from SFSU. This is where I became passionate about GIS and appreciative of all that it provides for numerous different fields across the globe.

Hi, I am Paige Krinks.

During my studies and work experience, I have gained valuable experience conducting research, analyzing data, and implementing GIS technology to solve complex environmental problems.

In 2020, I landed my first internship in the environmental field working with Grassroots Ecology headquartered in East Palo Alto with restoration sites all over the South Bay Area and Peninsula. During my summer internship I surveyed and monitored native and invasive plant and animal species and provided environmental support through GIS. As a cohort we removed invasives species from elevated wildfire risk areas, open land nature preserves, and riparian zones. Throughout the restoration sites I tested and monitored water quality studying aquatic macroinvertebrates, water temperature, secchi discs and turbidimeters. For my capstone project I mapped and monitored vegetation with GIS, ArcGIS, and GPS skills for an erosion control project along the San Francisquito Creek.

A great accomplishment from my work experience includes a Drilling Survey Web App that I developed for a company I worked at, American Soil Testing and Engineering. This app brings together drilling surveys from the company with geologic survey layers, including susceptibility of liquefaction zones and major fault lines across the Bay Area region. I developed this app through Survey123 and AGOL Web Map Apps.

From 2022 to 2023, I worked for California's largest power and electricity provider Pacific Gas & Electric. Here I learned many valuable skills working with secure high-level databases and large amounts of data collection. I worked on initiatives including the programs annual geodatabase architecture republishing, Web Maps and Apps, Workforce operations, GeoHub design, Field Surveys, and coding integrations with SQL databases. I left my position at PG&E to complete my thesis research and Master degree in GIS at SF State.

My thesis research explores the groundwater subbasin of East Contra Costa county. The research supports efforts put in place to monitor California's numerous aquifers by the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) legislation. These laws were enacted in 2014 to place management and standards over California's groundwater resources. The Department of Water Resources collected Aerial Electromagnetic (AEM) Surveys throughout the state to obtain high quality resistivity data of the subsurface. My thesis explores the state-of-the-art AEM data for the ECC subbasin in comparison with borehole, lithology logs, elevation data, and other ancillary data sources to produce a conceptual hydrogeologic model and analysis of wet year vs dry year water level fluctuation for 2021-2024.

My career goals are to work in the public sector using my GIS skills to support California's natural resources, land, and ever growing population.

Thank you for visiting my site and taking the time to learn more about me!

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